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Provide Email id, Mobile no and password


To login enter either email id / phone number and password

Forgot password

user can request new password in case of forgot password.

Home Screen

Offers and nearby IFB laundries are listed in Home screen based on distance. Click view all to view all laundries list.

User can choose the laundry from the nearby list which shows available services and machines.


View & Choose Service

Check for available machines (green colored machine no) and then click “Select” button to view the programs, price and offer details. Scan option also lets the user to start the machine if it is available.

view and choose service

Choose Machine

Amount will be deducted if there is sufficient amount in wallet otherwise user will be prompted for an online payment option. After payment click “Start” button to run the machine.

Choose Machine

Stop the Machine

Provides the option to stop the machine and the amount will be refunded to wallet depending upon the program set for the machine.

Stop the Machine
Force Stop

Force Stop

If the limit exceeds, user will be prompted with the message Stop Anyway or Continue Running.

In case of Stop Anyway amount will not be refunded to wallet.

In Home screen Machine running details will be shown once the machine starts to run.


Search lets the user to search for their desired IFB laundry.



Click wallet to top up, view top up and order transaction details. Use of wallet saves your time and transactions can be completed within few seconds.


In this menu shows Profile, Wallet, My Orders, Change Password and logout options.

Profile – lets the user to update profile image and name.

My Orders – shows list of user orders and its details

Change Password – user can change their password here.