Smart Surveillance

Computer Vision,Object Detection,Security

Living alone as an elderly person has a lot of drawbacks, ranging from safety to well-being and health to psychological stability.One of the most important priorities is safety.We're utilizing smart surveillance and concentrating our efforts on the elderly.

Smart surveillance would monitor the surroundings and scan everyone who entered the premises.An alarm system that notifies the owners if burglars attempted to entered their home.It not only benefits the elderly, but it may also be used in an apartment or a building.It's also made it simple (and quite inexpensive) to keep an eye on your home from almost anywhere. Smart surveillance provides expert monitoring 24 /7.

Smart surveillance can alert you to a variety of activities taking place in your home. One person can effectively monitor any number of buildings that have smart surveillance installed.At all times, we ensure your safety.


99% Accuracy

On detection


50% Faster

Reacting to visual inputs than human


10 + Cameras

Security Surveillance

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”